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    Our research effort brings together the perspectives of a diverse range of expert analysts—from fundamental and quantitative to economic and glide path experts. Their common focus is on delivering better investment solutions and results for our clients.

    Fundamental Research

    Conducting in-depth evaluation of individual asset classes, companies and government entities, and security structures

    Quantitative Research

    Developing tools to improve forecast accuracy, build better solutions and tackle complex wealth-planning challenges

    Economic Research

    Understanding the forces that drive global economic trends and influence a country’s fundamental condition

    Multi-Asset Research

    Developing tools that help us analyze risk, forecast security returns and build better portfolios

    Sell-Side Research

    Delivering industry-leading, independent research to inform institutional investment managers’ decisions

    From the beginning, research has been the backbone of our firm. We focus the full scope of our research expertise and innovation on the global investing landscape—with the goal of making a difference for our clients.


    PineCrest delivers a comprehensive range of investment strategies across the capital structure. Partnering closely with our clients, we shape the most appropriate solutions for their investment needs today, tomorrow and beyond.

    Fixed Income

    We bring together innovative research and forward perspective across our suite of global, regional, multi-sector and single-sector services—to solve our clients’ most complex and unique investment challenges.


    We design and deliver a full range of integrated multi-asset investment solutions tailored to the needs of each client, keeping them ahead of changes in the investing landscape.


    Driven by distinctive research insights, we provide a comprehensive suite of strategies across geographies, capitalization ranges and investment styles—all focused on achieving outcomes that matter to our clients.


    Bringing together independent agility and institutional strength, we provide a variety of nontraditional investments and strategies to diversify portfolios with new sources of risk and return.


    Institutional Investors

    As an active global participant in all markets and asset classes, we provide exclusive insight and design innovative strategies to help meet unique objectives and time horizons.


    Dedicated to deep client relationships, we help navigate capital market complexities with actionable insight and unique investor solutions.

    Defined Contribution Plans

    We pioneer and help implement DC solutions that have the flexibility to navigate unpredictable markets, address unique client needs and anticipate retirement income challenges.

    Institutional Research & Trading

    As a truly independent partner, we quantify differentiated market insights and deliver trusted trading execution for the future of our clients.

    Private Wealth Management

    Through integrated wealth management, institutional strength and targeted services, we seek the highest-quality outcomes for private client needs.

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    We believe the best investment insights come from specialized investment teams with discrete investment perspectives, operating under a disciplined philosophy and process with strong risk oversight.

    Our pure focus on investment management eliminates the distractions that compromise results.

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